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Blueberry glazed pancakes

Blueberries are my absolute favorite berry - and I regret ignoring them for so long! I used to always go for blackberries and raspberries, and I only recently realized just how delicious blueberries are and just how refreshing they could be! They're also the perfect addition to any dessert and also to any stack of pancakes - anytime, any day!

Blueberry pancakes

I've already shared my pancakes recipe in the first post of the pancakes section, but for your convenience, here it is again!

All you need is (for a stack of 10-12)

- 2 cups oats

- 1 cup almond milk

- 1 ripe banana

- Optional: 1 scoop vanilla whey protein

(Note: you may also add 2 dates, but if you want to skip the sugar, the banana will suffice. You may also add cinnamon, however, with blueberries I find that the taste does not go so well).

Blend these ingredients using your blender or a nutri-bullet and you've got your batter! Simply heat up a small pan on low heat, spray a little bit of oil to avoid sticking, and bake your pancakes one at a time, flipping once the bubbles disappear and the color is equal straight to the middle.

For the topping: wash and dry a handful of blueberries, place in a small pot or pan and add 1 tbsp maple syrup. Stir until the blueberries are cooked and form a syrup, stop cooking once you reach the desired thickness - be sure to keep a few blueberries in there without popping or overcooking them! Add on top of the pancake stack, and enjoy!

This is my absolute favorite pancake topping - really hope you like it too!

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