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Raspberry swirl 'cheesecake' bars

My reaction when I had a bite: "oh. My. God." Then in about a few seconds, it was all gone. Gone in 60 seconds just like the summer explosive action movie, except this time it all happened on my taste buds! These are the simplest and yummiest healthy raspberry swirl cheese-less 'cheesecake' breakfast bars - and guess what? They only need 5 simple ingredients! You NEED to try them!

Healthy raspberry cheesecake

The secret ingredient in these cheese-less 'cheesecake' bars are *drum roll* - you guessed it, vanilla bio-live low fat yoghurt. Now you might say, why would she call them cheesecake then, if they're just frozen yogurt raspberry bars? Well, you gotta try it to believe it - they taste pretty much like a real cheesecake - minus all the guilt afterwards and all the calories and sugar!

All you really need to create these beauties are 1.5 cups of organic rolled oats, 1.5 tbsp organic peanut butter, raspberries (bowlful), 1 teaspoon of agave syrup (you can use maple syrup or honey if not available), 1.5 tubs of Rachel's bio-live low fat vanilla flavored yogurt (the tubs are the large 450 grams size).

Directions below:

1. Mix 1.5 cups oats with 1.5 tbsp organic peanut butter. Use your hands, this will get messy but don't be afraid.

2. In small square tray (preferably the kind with the removable bottom), press the oats and PB mix. Place in the freezer, in the meantime...

3. Prepare your raspberries, simply by washing them, placing them in a small pot on low heat on the oven top, and adding the agave syrup (or the maple, or the honey - whichever available). Keep stirring on low heat until the raspberries mix very well together and form a syrup, and there are no bits of raspberries left aside from the seeds. Once done, place in a glass bowl, and let it cool down for 10 minutes. You can place it in the fridge for faster cooling.

4. Once the raspberry sauce cools down, take the tray out of the freezer and simply add the vanilla yogurt on top. Use a spoon to spread equally on the surface, then add the raspberry sauce into swirls, using a teaspoon to spread. Don't over-spread the sauce so it doesn't mix with the yogurt and leaves a pretty design!

5. Place in the freezer. You can serve it in 3-4 hours or the next morning. Be sure to let it thaw before you cut into equal pieces. To store, place back in the same tin in the freezer - but I promise you they will not stay for long at all!

A little part of me is jealous since you'll be eating these soon and they are just so darn good - but a huge part of me is happy you're trying it out! Can't wait to see your creation!

Be sure to tag me in your final photo on Instagram ;)!

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