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Scrambled eggs and veggies tortilla wrap

We've all been there - the wraps that fall apart, the wraps that don't hold together, the wraps where everything squeezes down from the top and falls from the bottom as soon as you take a bite, and the ones where everything simply is too 'slidey'... You almost wanna yell out "keep it together - wrap!" -- So what's the secret to making sure your wrap stays nicely held together?

Scrambled eggs wrap

I'll tell you - it's super simple and you must think I'm silly for sharing such a simple-sounding tip - but believe me it will forever change your breakfast wraps going forward!

The trick is to add a thin base layer to stick the outside of your wrap at the very end - whether you choose guacamole or a thin layer of hummus even - your tortilla wrap will learn it's lesson to keep it together!

This is an extremely simple wrap that takes 5-10 minutes to prepare (in order): whole-wheat tortilla, baby spinach, scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms with cherry tomatoes and oregano. Simply roll together then add a very thin layer of hummus/ guacamole at the end of your wrap so it doesn't fall apart!

Hungry now just looking at this photo..!

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