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Healthy Croque Madame

Who said a croque madame has to be greasy, creamy and cheesy? I truly believe you can turn any unhealthy recipe to a healthier and yummier version! I would like to introduce you to 'almost croque madame' - the healthier yummier 2.0 version ;)!

Healthy croque madame

Simply load up your sandwich this way:

- Use guacamole instead of cheese (recipe here)

- Use low fat organic turkey cold cuts instead of turkey ham (grill on a skillet without any oil)

- add veggies like spinach and tomatoes

- Use protein toast bread instead of regular white or brown bread

- Lightly fry your organic egg using the spray cooking oil (spraying only twice to avoid excess oil)

Add some green juice on the side by blending together a handful of spinach, 1 green apple, 1 cucumber and lots of ice. Split for two (if for one, add only half a green apple).

Bon appetit!

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