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Kale-quinoa-butternut salad

The best salads are those with less than 5 ingredients - that's my rule of thumb! The reason is, with such a minimalistic salad, you get to focus on all the yummy ingredients in there.

Kale butternut squash salad

To make this salad, simply wash and chop 4 pieces of kale. Once the chopped kale is dry, I like to massage it with the dressing before adding all the ingredients - just because kale, unlike spinach, is quite dry and tastes better the longer the dressing stays on it. For the dressing, I used a tsp of white vinegar, 2 tsp olive oil, 1/2 a lemon, crushed salt and pepper, 1 tsp honey mustard.

Cook the quinoa by searing it first in heated coconut oil, then top up with boiling water and let it cook on low heat for 20 minutes.

Roast the butternut squash in the oven at 180 degrees C for 1.5 hours (it may need longer depending on the size of the butternut). I roasted mine in advance the night before to save time.

Add some pomegranate seeds for the sweet refreshing crunch and that's it!

Super easy, delicious, and filling. Meat-less Monday inspiration perhaps?

P.s. this simple vegan recipe works either for lunch or light dinner!

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