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Superfood power bowl

Yes it's true that 'superfood' is only one out of a million food marketing terms that came up recently to create buzz in the healthy food recipes space. But I must admit, it totally makes sense! Every time I eat a bowl loaded with superfoods (like spinach, sweet potatoes, berries, nuts, eggs) I do feel quite like superwoman! *P.s. please do not attempt to fly after eating this bowl*

Superfood power bowl

This bowl was so delicious and makes you feel full for hours without that nasty-too-full feeling afterwards. Here's how you can prepare this bowl:

Spinach: simply mix a handful of washed baby spinach with half a lemon, 1 tsp olive oil, salt and crushed pepper. I decided not to sauté the spinach this time and simply have it raw.

Mushrooms and cherry tomatoes: simply chop them and sauté them on low heat with a tsp of olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh herbs. Start with the mushrooms first and once they turn brownish, add the cherry tomatoes.

Sweet potatoes: wrap 1 sweet potato in foil - first poke it with a knife and brush with olive oil, crushed sea salt and pepper) and roast in the oven at 180 degrees C for 45 mins (I pre-roasted mine the night before in advance to save time in the morning). In the morning, you can chop the sweet potato and quarters and use a lined pan to get those nice grill lines (no need to add any oil).

Avocado: split half an avocado for two plates, so each gets a quarter. P.s here's how you can store the remaining.

Fried egg: use a spray cooking oil and spray only twice (try to minimize the amount of oil used). Simply fry your egg and cover the pan to let the egg white cook fully.

Serve and enjoy!

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