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Organic choco spread toasts

I have completely cut out any ingredients that include palm oil - this obviously includes the most famous chocolate spread we know (Nutella). I know just how popular Nutella is and what a nightmare it can be to cut it out for most people - but there is good news! I found the most perfect chocolate spread ever, it includes only 3 ingredients, is 100% organic and 100% vegan too: Teo & Bia Crema di Nocciole! Now it might not be the healthiest thing to have, but hey, it doesn't hurt if you treat yourself every now and then - you've earned it!

Organic chocolate spread

P.s. if you're living in Dubai, head to the Farm House in Souk Al Manzil, Downtown. You'll find this chocolate spread there along with the organic almond butter I've used for the other toasts!

Treat yo'self!

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