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Homemade tomato sauce pasta

I'm a fan of sharing food except when it comes to pasta. This is definitely one of my favorite carb dishes -and when it's homemade, includes healthy ingredients, wholemeal pasta, and no butter, you don't have to feel guilty about it whatsoever!

Homemade tomato sauce pasta

The best part is: it takes about 15-20 minutes! Here's how:

What you need (for 2 servings):

- 1 cup cherry tomatoes, washed and chopped in half

- 1.5 cup spinach

- 1/2 small red onion, chopped in slices

- 1-2 tbsp olive oil

- Crushed salt and pepper

- Optional: dried chilli

- Oregano, thyme, natural herbs seasonings

- 3/4 cup wholemeal pasta


1- In a bowl, heat up water, sprinkle some sea salt in, add the pasta, let it boil. The pasta should be cooked in about 10-15 minutes depending on how soft you prefer your pasta.

2- In the meantime, prepare your sauce. Add the olive oil in a stir-fry pan, let it heat on medium, then add the chopped onions, let them cook. Once they turn yellowish, add the chopped tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, and dried chili (optional) as well as your natural herbs seasonings (oregano and thyme work best). Set the heat on low and let the tomatoes take their time. You may need to add some hot water every now and then if the tomatoes are sticking to the pan. The final step is to add the spinach - only add the spinach 2-3 minutes before your sauce is ready - do not overcook as it becomes really small if heated for too long.

3- Once the pasta is done, strain and pour over the sauce. Let them cook together for a while. Add some more seasoning if needed and serve!

Sometimes, all a girl needs is a bowl full of pasta :)!

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