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Homemade healthy mocha Frappuccino

My absolute favorite Starbucks drink is the mocha frappuccino - and especially in the summer. It's cold, refreshing, has a coffee kick and just the right amount of chocolate. I used to get this drink often up until I noticed how much sugar syrup is in it - when I saw the barista behind the bar making it. The truth is, I started to ask for it without the sugar syrup, and it was just never the same. So, I decided to make my own dairy and sugar-free healthier version (naturally)!

Healthy mocha frappuccino

To make this drink, all you need to is blend 1 frozen banana, 1 date (or you can replace with 1 tbsp of cacao nibs or 1 tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder), 1/2 cup almond milk, 1.5 tsp of Nescafe coffee (or if you prefer, 1 shot of Nespresso - or 1 shot of your preferred coffee). That's it! Super simple and if you don't mind me saying, even more delicious than the original mocha frappuccino ;)!

Have a great morning!

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