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Green detox smoothie bowl

True or false: calories don't count on vacation.

Sadly we all know the answer but deep down wish it was false! Don't worry - we've all been there and in fact I'd be worried if some of us haven't! After all, what's a summer holiday without ice-cream? But now it's time to get back to a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle - hey, it might even help you get over the holiday blues! So you're probably wondering what the best way to start is... Good news, this detox smoothie bowl is here to save your post vacation healthy-lifestyle-took-a-turn-and-I-had-one-too-many-desserts mode ;)!

All you need is:

- 1/2 frozen banana

- 1/2 green apple

- 1 cup baby spinach

- 1 cucumber

- 1 or 2 large celery sticks

- Hint of fresh ginger

- 1/2 cup almond milk

Simply blend all ingredients above together using a nutri-bullet or a strong blender and top off with flax seeds, almond slices and pomegranate seeds.

Today is your day!

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