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Kale & orange salad

You really won't believe how tasty this salad is until you've tried it! The sad part is, a lot of people hate kale because they haven't tried it the right way (and I don't blame them - it took me a really long time too to fall in love with this dark leafy and nutritious leaf)!

The trick with kale is that, unlike other salads where you leave the dressing on the side just until you're about to eat it, with kale, you have to massage the dressing in beforehand and leave it marinate in the fridge for about an hour before you eat it (and really use your hands, give it a nice deep tissue massage to soften it)! To me, this is a blessing because I hate throwing out leftover salad when the dressing is already tossed in. The beauty is, with kale, you can even leave your already-dressed salad in an airtight container overnight and enjoy it the next day - still tasting fresh and crisp!

Kale orange salad

To make this delicious and refreshing salad, all you need is:

- 2 cups of kale, washed, dried and chopped into small ribbons

- 1 spring onion

- 1 orange, peeled and chopped in half circles

- 1 tbsp toasted pumpkin seeds (no oil, simply toasted on a pan)

- optional: 1/2 cup quinoa for protein


- 1/2 lemon, squeezed

- 3 tbsp olive oil

- 1/4 tsp salt

- sprinkle of pepper


1- Start with your kale: wash, dry and chop as mentioned and marinate with the dressing - massaging the leaves properly and letting them soak in the dressing. Leave in the fridge as you prepare your other ingredients

2- Simply top up your kale with the remaining ingredients and you're set!

This salad is one of my go-to bowls to prepare when having people over because of the beauty of being able to toss your dressing in advance - avoiding the hassle of last minute work! Also, people tend to love it for its delicious sweet and refreshing burst of orange flavor!

Bon appetit ;)

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