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Portobello mushroom burger (vegan)

If this burger looks as light as a feather to you - it's because it really is! This has got to be the healthiest, tastiest and perfectly satisfying guilt-free plant-based burger I've ever had. What an easy lunch or dinner to put together - a perfect delight whether or not you are trying to cut down on meat!

Portobello mushroom burger

To put this burger together, all you need is:

- Whole-wheat bun

- Smashed avocado (dressed with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper)

- Grilled onions

- Grilled portobello mushroom (stem and gills removed)

- Tomato slices

- Hummus (made with organic chickpeas, tahini, blended with garlic (optional), lemon and olive oil to taste)

For a more detailed hummus recipe, check out my previous hummus post here!

Nothing like biting into a delicious Vurger ;)!

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