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Autumn muesli bowls

Nothing like autumn muesli bowls in Dubai's warm sunshine!

Autumn muesli bowls

These Mix and Muesli energy bowls topped with figs, pears, walnuts and drizzles of almond butter is the most perfectly energizing breakfast to wake up to. There are tons of pre-packaged muesli mixes out there, by far, this has been my favorite. It is 100% organic and sugar free (you can taste just how healthy it is)!

Prep your bowls in advance by mixing 4 tbsp of muesli with almond milk. Let it sit in the fridge for 10-15 minutes so that the muesli can soak in the almond milk and thicken up, and your bowl will be ready to be topped off! If I'm having this bowl after the gym, I like to mix in 1 tbsp of pumpkin seed protein and some flax seeds.

Absolutely perfect!

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