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Fruit cones

Sugar is an interesting thing. It really really is. I go through times when I need to have chocolate everyday, sometimes even after every meal - just a small piece of dark chocolate is all I would need to keep me going. Yet other times, I cannot stand to taste anything sweet. I love when savory becomes my favorite taste as I get to avoid lots of unnecessary calories.

I found that it only takes 3 days to change the sugar habit. Spend 3 days switching up your usual chocolate/ sweets with a piece of fruit. I find that an orange or a bowl of berries does the trick, especially at night after dinner.

Fruit cones

These fruit cones are a perfect treat. They're pretty, tasty, refreshing, and are great to keep you disciplined and off the processed sugars. Skip the waffle cone - it's just there to hold you pretty fruits together (if you're feeling like you deserve that waffle cone however, go for it, but be sure to have it early during the day)!

Fill each waffle cone with your favorite fruits: blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, figs, or even mandarins and enjoy! Get creative and add raw nuts in there for a nice energy mix too ;)!

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